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Armilla is an automated testing and quality assurance platform that enables data scientists to build robust, trustworthy AI/ML systems at scale. Data scientists rely on our platform to oversee the health and development of a portfolio of models across the enterprise; automate stress testing and validation; and continuously monitor and detect risks of models in production. With Armilla AI, you can:
  • Oversee every phase of model development from a single dashboard
  • Automate pre-production testing to detect hidden biases and weaknesses of the model
  • Get alerts on abnormal behaviours, sensitivities and drift the moment they occur
  • Simplify compliance and reporting in highly regulated domains
  • Ship high-quality, robust models faster
Armilla AI’s platform provides a suite of customizable test plans, validation tools and analytics to generate deep insights into model performance and risk, supporting compliance with regulations such as SR 11-7, Guideline E-23, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), NYC Local Law 144 on AI in Human Resources, the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act, Canada’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, emerging industry standards, certification frameworks and more.
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