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Responsible AI is more than building safe, ethical and trustworthy technology. It requires investment into people, policies, practices and tools you need to manage risk and compliance, assess model performance and be confident you are realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence for your business.

Leveraging its state of the art assurance platform and tools, Armilla guides clients through comprehensive responsible AI implementation. Our team of experienced legal, policy, data science, engineering professionals and partners specialize in the following service areas:
AI Assessments
From evaluating company policies and governance practices, to assessing model performance and potential impacts – including bias, fairness, explainability, robustness and more – Armilla helps clients lay the foundation for scaling responsible AI across their organizations.
AI Audits
Armilla helps clients stay ahead of emerging rules and industry standards for AI through compliance reviews and audits. Armilla’s experts will guide you through the latest regulatory developments in your sector, evaluate your company’s adherence to responsible AI policies and procedures, and help your meet your obligations, for example, by conducting independent bias and fairness audits.
AI Certifications
Our deep technical expertise and state of the art automated assurance platform make us the partner of choice for emerging AI certification programs. We can guide you to obtaining industry-leading certification marks and labels being developed by independent communities of experts and standards bodies.
AI Due Diligence
Whether you are an AI investor, an insurer, or a procurement officer vetting an AI vendor, Armilla’s team of experts can provide you with an independent benchmark for determining the value, or measuring the risk profiles of, third-party AI products.
Industries we Serve
Our advisory and high-tech services are hosted by decades of industry experience.
Financial Services
Credit scoring, AML, and fair lending
Public sector and third party vendor
Health & Life Sciences
Disease detection, drug discovery, and diagnosis
Human Resources
Hiring, promotions and benefits
Our Partners
Partner with Armilla
Whether your organization is a startup, has offices worldwide, or is from the public or non-profit sector, you can find great value in Armilla’s partnership program.
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