NEW! AutoTune™ From Armilla AI

AutoTune™ enables robust Generative AI solutions with automated alignment

Harden your Generative AI solutions with advanced testing and fine-tuning
to increase performance and reduce bias, hallucinations and safety issues.

Benefits of AutoTune

One Framework To Rule Them All

Test, compare, tune and select from a wide range of models
allowing for flexible deployment, cost and performance options


Use out-of-the-box alignment controls or define your own performance expectations using concepts (not datasets), enabling very broad alignment to your goals.

Example use cases:


AutoTune™ takes it from there, synthesizing data and testing to determine model robustness. Permutations can then be used for robustness testing and fine-tuning models.


The 'fingerprinting' technique drills into model performance to understand and prepare to optimize for aligned model behavior.


AutoTune™ enhances models using a new technique to optimize fine-tuning based on concepts, not data.


AutoTune™ can automate the feedback loop and repeat the process, or loop back in a human to assess performance.

Currently Supported Alignment Controls

Class Functionality Description Control Type
Security Privacy filtering Redacts PII and sensitive information, preventing leakage to / from the base model Guardrail
Fact checking Provides a framework for detecting hallucinations and validating information returned from the model Guardrail
Jailbreaks Provides robustness testing, fine-tuning and prevention of common hacking attempts Hybrid
Toxicity Provides detection and interception of toxic inputs & outputs Guardrail
Bias Stereotypical tuning Change stereotypical conventions and mitigate biases from training data that has been incorporated into the base model Fine-tuning
Ethical filtering rules Provide and fine-tune with additional context to ensure context-appropiate responses Hybrid
Custom Custom datasets Allows custom datasets to be used for answering and guardrails around its answers Hybrid
Transfer learning and custom classification Allows development of custom training of default classifications as well as smaller / more secure models Fine-tuning
Prompt optimization Optimizes responses via generated prompt engineering Guardrail
Tonality Provides fine-tuning for adjusting the tonality and behavior of the model Fine-tuning

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