Responsible AI




Armilla One

The World’s First Responsible AI Platform

Reliable Traceable Explainable


Share responsibility across the organization

Manage goals, roles and responsibilities collaboratively
Act accountably, operate effectively, correct rapidly
Oversee every phase of model development
Give stakeholders the visibility they need for modern Model Risk Management
Incent stakeholders to embrace controls at the system and component level
Correct issues pre-emptively
Detect hidden biases, even in protected attributes
Reveal previously-obscured sensitive regions in myriad features
Stress-test systems, amend vulnerabilities, battle-ready models
Run 50+ automated test suites to analyze model performance, data validation, bias, sensitivity, outcomes, and computationally-intensive back-tests
Baseline normal operations, sensitivities and distribution behaviours with Armilla Fingerprint™, our patent-pending technology purpose-built to snapshot a system’s data, design and drivers
Track performance in real time

Detect issues the moment they arise

Get alerts on abnormal behaviours and drift the moment they occur
View all inputs and outcomes with total transparency
Automate the monitoring process with Armilla Fingerprint™
Stay ahead of SR 11-7 and OCC Bulletin 2011-12 guidelines

Armilla One Empowers

Stakeholders to produce robust models responsibly

Data scientists and engineers

Spend less time validating, more time creating

  • Stay focused on your core imperatives
  • Add business value through your practice
  • Let validators do the testing
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Address issues with smart alerts
Risk and
compliance officers
Meet stringent compliance rules
  • Meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk
  • Automate validation from end to end
  • Scale the compliance process as a seamless experience
  • Collaborate with stakeholders independently
  • Free up critical resources to deliver high-value services
Business owners
Serve customer interests with responsible algorithms
  • Reaize ROAI (return on AI) investment
  • Monitor a model’s KPIs in real time
  • Understand the business impact of a model’s performance
  • Act on degradation and other issues immediately
  • Get maximum results with minimum disruption out of a model
Shape operational excellence with returns on AI
  • Lead the organization to its higher purpose with responsible AI that benefits people
  • Increase profitability with intelligent business processes
  • Scale myriad models delivering 24 / 7 / 365
  • Verify outcomes through prompt notifications and alerts
  • Gain peace of mind watching systems meet high expectations

Works with any model, any platform, anywhere


Access Armilla from anywhere, anytime from our cloud.
Private Cloud

Easily deploy and access Armilla from your private cloud environment.

Data Center

Deploy Armilla within your own infrastructure quickly and securely.