Armilla One

The Responsible AI Platform

Optimize Outcomes with Collaborative Governance

  • Understand system behaviour with thorough, traceable test cases
  • See how sensitive a model is to various data slices
  • Validate any use case in any industry
  • Explain the how and why of  model  behaviours
  • Discern a system’s mechanics and  achieve total transparency
  • Meet the most robust expectations with 50+ test suites
  • Seamlessly comply with the strictest regulations
  • Auto-generate detailed validation reports
  • Audit every iteration and detail
  • Monitor performance automatically with minimum setup and configuration
  • Scrutinize system sensitivities
  • Mitigate algorithmic risk
  • Unite stakeholders in practicing governance
  • Enrich communication across all functional roles
  • Boost high-value contributions at every level of responsibility

Build Value with Armilla One

Govern collaboratively
Greenlight high-value ML projects
Manage outcomes and refine algorithms
Validate in hours, ship in days
Scale across any use case or platform
Armilla One

All-in-one AI Governance


Data, algorithms, outcomes meet technical and business expectations


Team members exchange perspectives to gain common understanding of the model and produce better outcomes


Stakeholders share responsibility for system integrity and ethical standards


Organizations meet and shape regulatory requirements

Optimize outcomes