Announcing AutoAlign™
from Armilla

Generative AI can be unpredictable, biased, and underperform
creating chaos for enterprises. AutoAlign™ is a one stop solution
so enterprises can confidently deploy Generative AI.

Groundbreaking Alignment Platform

Since 2019, Armilla AI has been the trusted leader for model testing and validation solutions. It provides a common platform for testing a target model's use case specific capabilities.

Generative AI changes the game. AutoAlign™ is Armilla's new platform for aligning generative AI against real-world requirements, iteratively improving the model for achieving those capabilities.

How It Works

Armilla's AutoAlign™ Platform generates its own synthetic prompts & expected completions for testing, and can optionally fine-tune the target model using automated feedback based on these concepts.

Throughout the process, Armilla's own AI aligns the target model towards user-specified expectations by understanding the requirements for the target mode, generating synthetic data to capture the bounds of the model's behavior, iteratively testing, discovering weak spots, and can either fine-tune the model and/or create its own guardrail model.



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